What Target’s gender neutral signs have done to me

(Warning: Adult language and possible graphic content, it depends on how you feel about the term butt hurt) In the beginning this was going to be a long-winded post on Facebook, but I decided too many of my precious friends might get butt hurt when they read this so I posted it on my blog. “Why?” you ask thinking that … Read More

Do you have any tattoos?

“Hey Liz, you’re a writer. I thought this blog would be more about your writing and writing advice. What’s this about tattoos?” Well my lovelies, variety is the spice of life. Also, I do have a few tattoos. I can’t tell you why I have them. What draws us into something? I was always fascinated with them. You see, when … Read More

What have I been up to?

So, maybe you’ve found yourself wondering, “What’s happened to Liz and all that ‘writing’ she’s supposedly doing.” Well my lovelies sit back, get comfy, I’ll go slow so the kids in the back can hear, and I’ll tell you all about it. I’m still doing it. I took a break for a while and tried to figure out what I … Read More

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster was a tall, thin man dressed in black slacks and long-sleeve button-up shirt. His black top hat cast a long shadow over his face. He stood in the middle of the circus tent paying no attention to the group as they walked closer to him. An elfin like creature scurried past the group carrying a blood-red tail coat. … Read More

The Story Begins

The old man, withered and gray from a long life, sat on the park bench overlooking the city’s skyline. The brisk fall air forced the man to pull is overcoat tighter around his neck. Adjusting his bowler hat with his freehand the old man continued to watch the skyline as though he were expecting something magical to happen. But, as … Read More

Breaking In

I’ve been worried about living in one city and breaking into the business in another. But this article over at Stage 32 is a big help. 5 Tips for Writers & Creatives Based Outside of Los Angeles https://t.co/Dj8QiH5pfo #writing #screenwriting #amwriting — Richard RB Botto (@RBwalksintoabar) February 9, 2015