Walking to heaven

Today at the 9-5 gig I have, I was given a choice: either risk rising in an elevator that may get stuck in between floors or take the stairs. Being with two coworkers we opted to take the stairs – nine floors up. I learned two things about myself in that 8 or so minutes. The first thing I learned is, I’m never fucking doing that again. The second thing I learned is that apparently I’m slightly asthmatic because now I can’t stop wheezing and it’s been almost two hours.

Now, you say, how can you apply those thoughts to this blog about writing? Easy. Writing is a craft. You have to work every day to get better. Keep work with small word counts until you get into the practice of writing every day, then gradually build up. Should I ever decide that I want to take the stairs daily, I should start with the first couple of floors and work my way up (yeah, a pun, I get it) and build the endurance I need to make it to the 9th floor without wanting to roll down the stairs swaddled in my own tears, blood, and self-loathing.

That’s all I have as I work to recover from the 9th floor climb. If you’ve learned anything from this post it should be this: Work every day at improving your craft whether it’s writing, cooking, or climbing stairs.