Masterclass: James Patterson

This is an unpaid, unbiased series of review posts for the Masterclass session James Patterson Teaches You Writing. (Or whatever, I’m pretty sure that’s it.)

I’ve seen this add pop up over and over in my Facebook feed and finally said, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try.” It’s only $90 and it is James Patterson. FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve never in my life read one of his books. I know a lot of people hate on him because he usually has a co-writer list on his books. A lot of people hate that. They think he’s a hack because he has someone else write his books while he sits back and collects big fat royalty checks. And you want to know something? I could care less. Let’s face it. The man is on to something if he’s able to have these folks come in and write with/for him. If these authors didn’t want to do it, then they don’t have to. (Hell, maybe they do. I’ll look into that.)

I’m sure you have all sorts of questions for me about why I would take a course on writing from someone I’ve never I’ve never read and why are you taking this course if you already have a BFA in writing and you’re working on your MFA for English with a fiction concentration. Who the hell knows? It’s all a part studying the craft.

What I can tell you is that the course is a series of recorded videos where James (yeah, we’re that close now) describes different methods for how he writes. There’s even that opportunity to send him your questions or work and get answers. Also in the form of a recorded video. They call that his office hours, but unlike regular office hours you don’t get to interact with him. A really great feature of this class is that for the a fore mentioned $90 price tag, you do get lifetime access to the class. For example, I’ve watched the videos but not have not taken any notes. I have the safety of going back later and taking down the notes when I’m up to it.

Have you taken the course? Let me know in the comment section if you’ve taken it and what you thought about it.

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