Do you have any tattoos?

“Hey Liz, you’re a writer. I thought this blog would be more about your writing and writing advice. What’s this about tattoos?”

Well my lovelies, variety is the spice of life. Also, I do have a few tattoos. I can’t tell you why I have them. What draws us into something? I was always fascinated with them. You see, when I got my first one it was the fall of ’98 and it was still a bit more taboo back then. And yes, my first tattoo was a tramp stamp – before they were really called that.

I’m not going to get all long-winded about it here, but I do plan on posting a few of the questions I’ve received and the answers I give. It will be fun.

Cover up project The one question I get the most is: Does it hurt?

My answer: Fuck yes it hurts. You’re taking a bunch of little needles and scraping them across your skin as they pound up and down pumping the ink into your skin.

The follow-up question: What does it feel like? Is it like a cat scratch?

It feels like a needle fucking scraping your skin, but it’s not just one needle it’s lots of little ones. No, it’s not like a cat scratch. At all.

Look, do me a favor and watch this video. I queued it up to start at theĀ  slow motion part that you see in the image below. Please, watch the full thing if you’re so inclined.

That was my first post about tattoos. Up next I’ll answer a few other FAQs including – “My tattoo artist won’t tattoo me. Why is he such a jerk?” and “Should I get a tattoo? And if I do what should I get?”

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